Adobe enters dynamic ad market

The longstanding rumors about Adobe/Omniture entering the dynamic ad space came true today.

Omniture Announces Display Advertising Solutions for Increased Return on Ad Spend

Interesting on a number of levels:

1. As discussed, we see a continuing trend of optimization companies migrating into adjacent segments.  In this case, a L3 player has migrated into L2.  (Did ADBE just become a potential buyer of DSP technologies? That would complete their stack.)  Strategically, I like it – execution will now be the key.

2. Adobe/Omniture is much larger than most other participants in this space, the principal exception being Teracent/Google.   Though they’re new in the space, expect them to leverage existing relationships to sell these additional services through.

3. The potential impact this may have on Flash as the de facto standard for dynamically generated ads.

3 thoughts on “Adobe enters dynamic ad market

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  2. Pete,

    Display ad optimization is definitely the next wave.. but when it comes to rich media ad units, Adobe still makes folks program in Flash builder. I think that beyond ad optimization, we should be looking at creating personal relevancy. Brands should be able to have a continuous conversation with their fans and think of the ad space as content that interacts and travels where users are (rather than bringing users to the content).


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