Smart Ads Video

The incomparable Mitch Spolan, Yahoo!’s Vice President of North American Sales, put together this video for my product, Yahoo! Smart Ads. Mitch did the entire thing himself, and I have no idea where he finds the time. It’s not like hitting sales goals that have little words like ‘billion’ in them can be easy on the schedule. Anyway, hope you like the video. Thanks, Mitch!

Philly Fight Night 2010 – February 27

What do you get when you combine a student-run charity boxing match, the number one boxing venue in the world, 1600 cheering Wharton MBAs, and a little bit of intra-school rivalry thrown in? Philly Fight Night!

Since its inaugural event in 2005, Philly Fight Night has become one of the biggest events of the year for Wharton students. Rather than describe the event in even more detail, I’ll just link to this year’s promo video instead. You’ll get the picture.

Credit where it’s due: This event was the brainchild of David Birnbaum, Schuyler Coppedge, and R.T. Arnold, with the inimitable Greg Battle serving as the evening’s MC . I’m proud to say that all of these fine gentlemen were my classmates in the Wharton MBA Class of 2005. Five years later, and still going strong. Nice work, guys!